The Lancaster Avenue Miracle

This photograph shows the view along Lancaster Avenue in Wallasey, shortly after the area was devastated by enemy raiders on the night of the 12th/13th March 1941. It looks fairly bad, indeed it was very bad, with around 30 people killed in the immediate vicinity.

Sometime on the 16th workers were clearing away rubble in this area when they heard the faint cries of a child. Working with great care they managed to clear a safe route to the noise and found a tiny baby girl, somehow sheltered by the bodies of her parents. She was rescued and taken to Victoria Central Hospital, where she made an amazing recovery. To the rescuers the remarkable survival of this child (who was barely a few months old) must have seemed a welcome miracle in a sea of tragedy.

I later found out through a lady on my author page that the girl’s name was Irene Marriott and her parents were Arthur and Jenny, and lived at number 50. I’m told that in recent years she was reunited with one of her rescuers by one of the local radio stations.


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