Hi everyone, my name is Neil Holmes and I am the author of two local history books about the Blitz on Merseyside. I was born on the Wirral in 1979 and still live there today, but work in Liverpool as a civil servant. I have studied military history for fifteen years and the history of the Merseyside region for six. My interest in local history and photography led me to research Liverpool’s wartime experiences, culminating in the publication of Liverpool Blitzed: 70 Years On in 2011, followed by Merseyside Blitzed the following year.

Most of the work so far comes in the form of “Then and now” shots of the blitz, showing a wartime photograph alongside its modern equivalent, or the closest possible comparison. This example below is from the Wallasey Blitz and shows damage done to the Town Hall on the night of the 31st August/1st September 1940. Fortunately the building survived the damage and remains standing to this day.


In addition I also work on something called “Ghost photographs” where the wartime and modern photograph are merged together to create one image. This example comes from Birkenhead and shows the premises of Bolton’s garage and Taxi firm in Devonshire Road, hit on the night of the 12th/13th March 1941.


I intend to use this particular blog to promote knowledge and understanding of the blitz on Merseyside, in particular its impact on the area around us and those who lived through those dark times.

You can also follow me at these places:

Twitter account: @liverpoolblitz




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